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Amber W. Hughes, Martza J. Majstoravich, Edward L. Murrelle

Wills And Estate Planning: Securing Your Peace Of Mind

Having a solid estate plan delivers more than just legal protection – it provides peace of mind. Knowing that your affairs are in order and your loved ones will be cared for is invaluable.

For guidance on any aspect of estate planning, turn to our legal team at the North Carolina law firm of Murrelle, Hughes & Majstoravich, P.A. Since 1981, our lawyers have served people throughout the Morehead City community. They are dedicated to crafting thoughtful and meaningful estate plans to give people the peace of mind that everyone deserves when preparing for the future.

Putting The Right Estate Plan Into Place

Creating a comprehensive estate plan is a crucial task that should be handled with care and attention to detail. Our attorneys can guide you through all aspects of estate planning, answering your questions and helping you with:

  • Drafting a will to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes
  • Establishing living trusts for asset protection and handling trust administration
  • Preparing powers of attorney to ensure that your affairs are managed in the event of your incapacity
  • Creating an advance directive (living will) for your health care wishes

Our lawyers also assist with guardianships and trust administration.

Take Control Of Your Future Today

An estate plan can be a vital protection measure for your future and present peace of mind. Start developing the right estate plan to fit your needs. Call us at 252-515-7036 or send us an email to reach our team.