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Our Successful Results

Our initial personal injury consultation is free. Our fees in personal injury cases are also always contingent – there is no fee unless there is a recovery. We have now moved the fee info to the home page.

The results shown on this website are some of the cases this firm has handled. The cases are intended to illustrate some results, but the outcome of each case is specific to that case considering the facts and law involved. None of the illustrative cases are intended to represent what might or might not be the outcome in any other similar case.

$1,750,000 – Wrongful Death Verdict

We recovered a trial verdict of $1,750,000.00 resulting from the wrongful burial of a young man who died from a drug overdose. It was shown that the defendants had provided the drugs and had failed to notify authorities when the victim was in…

$800,000 – Confidential Settlement

We resolved in a confidential settlement a tort claim involving sexual matters with the total settlement exceeding $800,000.

$550,000 – Product Liability Verdict

We recovered $550,000 in a product liability claim arising from a defective sprinkler system furnished to our client.

$450,000 – Real Estate Litigation Verdict

We arranged a family settlement in litigation in an estate matter, obtaining in excess of $450,000 for our client.

$725,000 – Tort Claim Act

We recently successfully concluded a significant personal injury to our client resulting from a collision with a military vehicle in a Federal Tort Claim Act case.