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Social Security Disability FAQ: Your Questions Answered

Living with a disability brings unique challenges that can often feel overwhelming. Legal struggles are often among them.

Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can be a daunting task. The process is often confusing, requiring complex forms and detailed information.

At the North Carolina law firm of Murrelle, Hughes & Majstoravich, P.A., our lawyers are committed to guiding you through this process and fighting for the benefits you deserve. We have decades of experience that you can rely upon when navigating the complex terrain of SSDI/SSI benefits. Based in Morehead City, we help people throughout the community and surrounding areas.

What is the difference between SSI and SSDI?

The main difference between SSI and SSDI is their eligibility requirements. SSDI provides benefits to people with disabilities who have an adequate work history of paying into the Social Security system. On the other hand, SSI is a needs-based program for individuals with little to no income or resources, regardless of their work histories.

What qualifies as a disability?

A disability, as defined by the Social Security Administration, is a condition that prevents you from working, or, in legal terms, participating in “substantial gainful activity.” The disability must be long term, meaning that it will last at least 12 months.

What if my initial application for Social Security Disability benefits was denied?

If your initial application for SSDI or SSI was denied, don’t lose hope. This is a common occurrence. Our attorneys can help you appeal the decision and guide you through the appeals process, which may involve collecting additional medical evidence and preparing for a hearing before an administrative law judge.

What do I need to prove to receive Social Security Disability benefits?

To receive benefits, you need to prove that your condition is severe enough to prevent you from working and earning an income. You must provide medical evidence such as doctor reports, diagnoses, lab results and information about your treatment history. Our attorneys can help you gather the required the necessary documentation to present a strong case.

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